FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more!
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more!
FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more!

Frequently asked questions

The main ingredient in our ice cream is coconut and is free of major allergens, safe for almost any diet. It is a dairy-free, gluten-free product that is low glycemic and made with real ingredients, free of preservatives and artificial colors.

Quantum Cream™ is freeze-dried, which means we have removed all the water content from the ice cream. That makes it shelf stable, no freezer required! You eat our quantum bytes of ice cream just like popcorn, and our ice cream only melts when you eat it! 

The freeze-drying process uses the conditions of outer space to remove all water content/ice. When you eat it, you put the water back in, but not as ice. We don’t recommend you put our ice cream in the freezer or refrigerator, either. The product is meant to be shelf stable, but rapid temperature change may cause perspiration inside the packaging, which in turn will degrade the beautiful crunchiness of Quantum Cream™.

Other freeze-dried ice creams are produced with long, scary ingredient lists. Basically, if you make ice cream with trash, it will most likely taste like garbage! Our ice cream has a short list of clean ingredients, balanced through many months of development, designed to make our delicious ice cream crunchy right up until it melts in your mouth!

The Quantum Chef only offers special flavors seasonally. We do not currently offer custom flavors.

No, we only facilitate non-religious and non-political organizations.

Internationally, coconuts are considered a botanical fruit. In the US it is categorized as a tree nut, however it is not widely regarded as a major allergen like peanuts or cashews. Coconut allergy is considered very rare and completely unrelated to nut allergies.

We have wholesale partners across the USA and would love to talk with you about becoming a vendor. Please contact us to learn more and complete our initial request form.

We would love to have Quantum Cream™ as a part of your next fundraiser. Please complete our initial fundraising inquiry request and learn more about our fundraising program by contacting us!

Please email us directly at for any additional questions or more information about partnering with OMGeeks Ltd and Quantum Cream™.

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